Friday, October 8, 2010

Go on The Shopping Diet by Phillip Bloch

We can’t live without the clothes, jewelry and shoes, but we can live without the debt! In his new book, The Shopping Diet, celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch touches on this subject and offers tips on how to “spend less and get more.” I had a chance to catch up with him last Friday to discuss his book and recent honor at Fashion BS’s 1 year anniversary event held during the Tyson’s Corner All Access Fashion event.

Along with three parts and a shopping diet dictionary that every woman needs to scan, print, and keep in their purse for reference, the book’ offers readers three methods of digestion.

1. For all you shopping-addicted divas, participate in Phillip’s 10-step program to spending less and getting more.

“Many people have an addiction and don’t know it,” said Phillip, referencing his close friend who has a camisole in every possible color. “Good Morning America will be putting three specially selected viewers on my diet as a test.” Be on the lookout for that!

2. For all you ladies struggling to find a way to look good without breaking the bank, pick it up to check out tips, solutions and ideas for saving.

3. For you savvy savers, pick it up when you’re seeking some funny or light reading material. The book’s conversational tone and embedded humor makes it a great coffee table or nightstand piece.


“My idea wasn’t about cleaning out your closet,” noted Phillip during our conversation. “I don’t do closets. I’m no closet expert. I wanted to make this book something anyone from 18 to 60 years old can get something out of. That empowered me to go broader and to write the book in a form that could apply to different people. You have to read it and pick out what works best for you.”

The idea for the book came to Phillip 2 years ago when the entire country was in money-crunch mode. “We were all treading in dangerous waters,” as he puts it. “A lot of this information comes from my personal journey in the fashion industry.”

Phillip started as a model and was actually one of the male cuties to work the runway in John Galliano’s first show. He is one of Los Angeles' premier fashion stylists, as well as a designer, writer, and actor. His celebrity clients include Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Selma Hayek and Jada Pinkett. His photo credits regularly grace the covers and inside layouts of such publications as Vanity Fair, Vogue, InStyle, Premiere and Entertainment Weekly. As Hollywood's "Fashion Guru," Phillip released a book on Hollywood style, Elements of Style, which features exclusive interviews with fashion's most renowned designers, photographers and hair and makeup artists, as well as 140 photos of Hollywood's hottest celebrities, all styled by Phillip.

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