Friday, December 3, 2010

Cycle Media Jamaica

"Hmmm." That's what I said when I saw this yesterday morning. "Ohhh, OK then." That's the next thing what I said, with a slow nodding motion of the head when I realized that I'd met the guy standing by the sign. I invigilated his art class during some CXC Art examinations. Enough background info. The young man got one query while I was driving in traffic.

This is the first sign of it's kind that I've seen in Jamaica. I instantly began to doubt this "gimmick". Frankly, it was just the bicycle that turned me off but I came up with at least 20 good uses for this type of advertising in about 5 minutes. Think of this guy riding around to announce a new restaurant in New Kingston, the new city center. Maybe he could ride around a busy craft fair to direct people to your business' stall or tent. The possibilities really are endless. Maybe even just riding slowly through traffic to announce a new cell phone deal.

The possibilities are endless. Check out their website at What do you think about this style of advertising?

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  1. I have seen cycle media in Kingston a few times advertising entertainment and retail sales events. It definitely caught my attention! I think its great!