Monday, December 27, 2010 – Review

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That is what this blog is all about and I love it. It's a blog... and not a blog in website's clothing - which I love. It has a few links where they refer you to other websites for additional information. I like that. It's a sign that they believe their content is strong enough for you not to go running off to visit another site and never come back, and their content is strong.

Visual Kontakt is a show and tell blog. It shows you what is happening in the design world, focusing on some of the most creative things around. If you let it speak to you, you'll leave with a nicely heated creative motor in the most frigid of imaginative, innovative mind blocks. Add it to your bookmarks and let it be your muse.

(Voted one of HOW's top ten sites for designers)


  1. great interviews. Not that you have time but the google university on You Tube has great authors also.

    As far as reading, I do a lot. One of my goals is to visit every country in the world through reading books whose background is in different countries.

  2. That sounds great Sandra! I plan to do a few reviews on books of other cultures so stay tunes.