Friday, February 18, 2011

24 Books for 2011

The fact that everything in this post is  true is reason enough for me to crawl into a hole of shame and never come out. Nevertheless, here goes.

I am the Project Coordinator for the Education Division at a Caribbean-based publishing house...  and I don't read. Well, I don't read enough. That needs to be fixed and this blog will be used to hold me to my plans. 

Yes, I'm around books all day and I do my fair share of designing and editing but it's time for me to read things that aren't really for work. 

24 BOOKS FOR 2011

I'd like to read two books  for each month of this year. I know that it's not a lot, but cut me some slack, OK? I am, afterall, around books all day.The following books are on my list.

Man Vibes: Masculinities in Jamaican Dancehall

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Yes, I will be exercising my book review muscles by doing full book reviews on all 24 books. Wish me luck!

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