Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today's Book Quote and In Her Shoes

It was the first time that I'd read the book before watching the movie. I will admit that I didn't expected it to bring home any awards and I was a little underwhelmed by the book, but I was in chick flick mode. The movie, In Her Shoes, that sparked my curiosity hadn't gotten to Jamaican cinemas yet and I just couldn't resist buying the book when I saw it on the display shelf in Manor Park Pharmacy.

I didn't love the book (6.5/10) but I liked the characters I "saw" in the book much more than those in the movie (5/10).  (I visualize everything in books).  The book allowed me to view the characters as average, real people as opposed to those other non-average movie-type people who seem to have perfect chip-free nails all the time and who wake up with their makeup on. That, for me, is what gave the book its edge over the movie. What's the point of a chick flick you can't at least consider feeling mushy over? I didn't get the mushy feeling from the movie.

With that said, I think that books allow you to connect with characters more as real people – those you see everyday – allowing for a more emotional experience through reading. What are your thoughts on books and their corresponding movies? I will admit that I've seen a movie or two that have brought a book to life but I will reserve my comments on that for another post and wait till I hear yours.

With all this said, below is the movie trailer. lol. Now get to judging... or to reading In Her Shoes.



  1. I think that books allow writers to develop a character in a way that a director or producer cannot. Also, readers can become connected to the characters in ways that movie viewers cannot. A lot of that has to do with the fact that writers can control the point of view more so than directors and therefore allow the readers to hear character thought processes and reactions, rather than assuming or drawing conclusions based on what they see. In addition, a book offers a lot more space and time to set the scene, develop the main characters and to even spend more time developing tertiary characters, which all make the story more realistic.

    I've read a lot of books before they became movies, including The Lovely Bones and the Secret Lives of Bees, just to name two, and I thought that the movies were an absolute joke and waste of time when compared to the books. The characters did not seem genuine and the tone of the movies did not match the tone set by the authors. On the other hand, I loved watching the Joy Luck Club but have never been able to get through the book. I hope to do so one day!!

    Thanks for this post!

  2. because we have already imaged the characters while reading the book first. we have already vision the setting while reading. When the movie shows it doesent fit our image. This may be true for some readers. books allow for more details than movies. its hard sitting in a theater pass two hours without break time. directors does have a habit of changing things from the book and that really disrupts the storyline from the book.

  3. Hey Janelle. You are so right! Thanks for sharing your views. I really want to check out The Secret Lives of Bees - both the book and the movie. I may try it the other way around this time (movie then book).

    Hey Sidne,
    Hmmm. I think books allow for fewer details actually. For example, a book may say ash blonde hair but seeing it is more accurate in a way. At the same time though, we are able to fill in the details that will make the book more real for us. But you are definitely right about directors taking certain liberties with the book's storyline. That happens often. I'm going to make a more deliberate post on another combination when I get a chance taking in your and Janelle's comments. Will be fun. Thanks for commenting.