Friday, July 15, 2011

The Caribbean at Work

The Ministry of Education in St Lucia recently offered a training course to curriculum officers attached to the Curriculum and Materials Development Unit (CAMDU) in General Editing, Desktop Publishing and Multimedia applications for publishing. A team led by Ian Randle including Diane Browne, Mark Wienberger and Diedre Callam won a competitive bid to teach the courses. Most of the candidates left with usable skills in editing, design and multimedia development.

St Lucia, like many other Caribbean countries, is realizing the need for culture-specific customization of teaching materials for use in the classroom and in publishing in general. Also, many governments are now ensuring that their citizens are trained to take on the challenges of the rapidly developing technological world. Investment in such training that will allow for the developing countries of the Caribbean to become more self-sufficient, encouraging employment from within the country rather than being forced to outsource human resources.

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