Monday, April 1, 2013

Photography Tips for Non-Photographers | How to Photograph Someone Wearing Glasses


Are your family pictures always spoilt by your husband's glaring, reflective glasses? There's a way to easily fix that problem. Here are two tips for taking pictures of people who wear glasses without the reflection so that you will successfully capture the beautiful emotion in their eyes that are such an important part of your picture.

Tip 1
Play with angles. Let the person play with the light until it isn't reflecting off of their glasses. Turn to the left or to the right. Shift your head up. No? Try down. There is likely to be an angle that could just work. If there isn't, remove the glasses. It's better to see squinted eyes and a smile than no eyes at all. Check out the video below for a demonstration of Tip 1.

Tip 2
Avoid using the flash. The flash instantly creates a glaring reflection of light that is likely to totally hide your eyes. If the room is bright enough, skip the flash. Nobody really likes to see a flash of light in their eyes anyway. Right?

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