Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Gift for Culture Lovers

Jamaica Fi Real: Beauty, Vibes and Culture (The real Jamaica), a book published by Ian Randle Publishers based in Kingston, Jamaica,  lives up to its name. It's not a candy-coated tourist book designed to make you drool about the sandy beaches and so-called carefree lifestyle. It will, however, leave any tourist craving a Caribbean vacation and any Jamaican grinning with pride and saying, "Fi real!" 

This is political columnist, author and businessman, Kevin O'Brien Chang's second book. Chang previously wrote Reggae Roots, also published by Ian Randle Publishers. In this new book however, he clearly brings to life Jamaica's beauty, vibes and culture. It's your guide to everything Jamaican, allowing you to immerse yourself into the country's culture through words. Expect to learn the truth about Jamaica's people because unlike many other books, the iconic beaches and music are not the only focus. By skillfully merging history with current events, the book gives you an authentic view of the country on a whole.

Take a cheap vacation with Jamaica Fi Real (The Real Jamaica) by skipping over to or today to get a copy. It's still early enough to get it for Christmas! 

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  1. Thanks Diedre. It looks great. I will head over to Amazon and take a look. My kind of book. Thanks again. Lisa

  2. Ah. There you are. Great. I hope you find it and enjoy it as much as I have. Have you ever been to Jamaica or read any Jamaican books?