Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emotional Women in the Workplace

Jennifer: I really like male bosses better than female.
(I know it's random... but as coworkers... they're easier to work with)
my boss came in this am and started to talk
then he stops and says, " You're not a morning person are you? I'll come back."
I was like, " Thank you,  because I'm really not."
He just laughed and walked off. My old boss would have taken that personally
me: Honestly, men are socialized to be less emotional. Just a fact. Many women can't separate emotions from the workplace. It's a place to be passionate, but not emotional.

Please don't hurt me... because I really do believe this is true. Women don't usually do everything the way that men do. That is why the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is so popular. Jennifer, a friend who I was speaking with on G-chat  agreed too. Socialization is real people. It's the reason we talk or sit the way we were taught to. It's also the reason that most women wear their heart on their sleaves, jacket collars or leather work pumps while most men pocket them in their inside jacket pocket. Women are trained to be more sensitive and emotional. Men are taught to toughen up and keep it moving.

I am an emotional and sometimes seemingly PMS–powered. I tend to take either a no-nonsense and harsh approach or a way-too-soft approach. Why? I am naturally tender-hearted, but I've been taught and told time and again that tender-heartedness ill not get me very far professionally. There is always a middle ground and I am slowly finding it. I've fully, however, mastered the art of keeping it moving. Uunfortunately, I've often worked with women who haven't but I'm not too hard on them. I used to hold a grudge or two in my early work days too.

It's time for us women to realize that while we want the workplace to be warm and comfy, it's often just a place merely designed to get the job done. Stay focused on the job. If our family members offend us so often, how much more could our coworkers. Usually, it's work, it's not personal and our coworkers mean little harm. Everyone is just trying to get ahead. Even if it's personal, pretending that it's not is the best way to go. Holding on to issues only clog our mind, create an unhealthy emotional view of our work prevent us from getting our job done.

Ladies, let's just keep it moving and get the job done. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know.

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