Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perez Hilton Writes a Children's Book

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr is best known as the scandalous celebrity gossip blogger and television personality Perez Hilton. According to The Press Association, he signed a deal with Celevra Children's Books to publish The Boy With The Pink Hair. The book is scheduled to be launched in September.  Perez has authored two adult books in the past.

Are you as surprised? I was until I looked at a picture of him... sporting pink hair. They say that some children's authors have a childish sensitivity to them. Well, Perez Hilton looks like he could be his book's main character.

Are you looking forward to seeing Perez Hilton's children's book?
Yes, but I'd never buy his book.

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  1. Should we care? I think the main issue is whether someone who's written adult books should be able to turn around and market themselves as a children's book writer.

  2. hmm Interesting, I dont even think I care, its so typical really, it's like once you are a celebrity you can all of a sudden do anything, act, sing, dance, play sports,write, whatever

  3. You're right Nicki. A lot of celebrities are putting out books these days. Most of them usually do books on their lives or something though. It is interesting that he is doing a children's book. I'm just glad that there is a publishing company involved (with the hope that they will ensure that the book is appropriate for children).

    Janelle, I don't necessarily thing that an adult book writer should not be able to write a children's book. One would only wonder why they'd want to. While some people write because they like it, some people write because they believe they will make a profit. Let's see how well his book does.

  4. I findd it an insult to the true talent out their that are trying to be discovered for what they can do but all these singers that automatically become actors and writer because what