Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Highlights: Kingston Book Festival 2012 Preview

The Spanish Court Hotel was the venue for the Kingston Book Festival 2012 Preview on March 26, 2011.
Bookophilia's tent was not short of interesting titles.
Jackmandora CEO and author shows off one of her books.
Author and Past PM, Rt Hon Edward Seaga both read and entertained questions from the audience.

Author Diana McCaulay reads for the children in the audience.

They are ready to sell!

Michael Anthony Cuffe interviewed book author, Kelly Magnus.

Friendly Jamcopy and Carlong workers enjoyed sharing a booth.

Past PM Rt Hon Edward Seaga and Media Bridge Communications CEO, Gairy Callam, joined others in listening to multiple readings.

Miss Ducille from Pelican Publishers Ltd smiles for Book Blogette's camera.

Little Krista was just one of the children being entertained at the event.

Successful self-publishers were also represented.


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