Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recommending a Good Jamaican Read

Regular Request: Which Jamaican book would you recommend? 
I heard those words numerous times studying in the United States. I lacked an answer for years but that changed last year with the introduction of Jamaica Fi Real, a book about Jamaica's beauty, vibes, culture and people. Check out the blog feature here. Every time I feel like taking a cheap vacation in my own country every time I pick up that book. It's never failed me. Don't worry about our daialect. The book is written in English (The country's official language) and is a very easy read.

Before I fell in love with books in general, cookbooks were my interest. I grew up with The Real Taste of Jamaica in my mother's kitchen cupboard. Mum knows this book by name and you should too. Jamaican food lovers all over the world have made this one of the best-selling Jamaica books. Will admit that this is an older book, but that only means that you will be getting authentic, traditional recipes.

Both of these books are available on Amazon.com. See the links below to purchase.

Buy Jamaica Fi Real Here

Buy The Real Taste of Jamaica here


  1. Hey girl,
    I told you I would be checking out your bolg! This is kkimberly2004 from youtube!I have to say you have a wonderful blog! Now you have me not only wanting the two books you suggested about Jamaica, bow I want to read the book by George Bush!I'm gonna check this website I love that sells used books called Abebooks.com and compare the prices to Amazon! thank you and I am followong your blogs!

  2. Thanks for coming by and signing up to follow. I appreciate it. If you drive, the audio book is also available. I'm supposed to do the full review tomorrow though so check back soon.

    abebooks.com eh? I need to check that out! lol.

  3. Thanks for posting about the Enid Donaldson book. I'm always on the lookout for Jamaican cookbooks (my husband is Jamaican so I've been learning) and I had been told to get this one but totally forgot about it!

    Great blog! I review books at http://goodbooksandacupoftea.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks Shan. I know you will enjoy the book. I will be heading over to check out your blog shortly.