Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things to Consider Before Self-Publishing: Part 1

I am one of those mean publishers who rejected your book proposal.
– I'm sorry, but our division is not looking in that direction right now. Also, we already have a similar cookbook on the market.

You, however, are offended and considering self-publishing. Here are ten things to consider and write down before you get started.

  1. Are enough people interested in the topic I am writing about to make this book profitable?
  2. Am I an authority on this topic and will people respect my work?
  3. What do my trusted colleagues and friends think about my manuscript? After all, If I'm too ashamed to show it to them, why on earth would you publish it?
  4. Is there already have a good book covering this topic on the market?
  5. How is my book different and what will make people buy it although there are others like it around?
  6. Can I afford an editor or designer to ensure that my work is professional and of the highest possible quality?
  7. Can I afford the printing costs? 
  8. Will I be able to price my books to be competitive with the market while still making a profit. 
  9. How will I market the book? 
  10. What is my budget or business plan for this book's production? 

Sadly, I'm just getting started here. There are many more things to consider and much more to be said. Perhaps I will do a Part 2... and three or four.

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  1. All excellent points to consider. I know someone who is thinking of self-publishing, so I will send her a link to this post in case it can help her as she makes her plans!

  2. Hey Nicki J. Thanks. I hope she finds it useful.