Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins: A Review

Beverly Jenkins is officially my new author crush. Her name may sound familiar if you read my book review of Indigo, one of the author’s first romance novels. Bring on the Blessings, although starkly different in tone, concept and story line, was a quick read with a happy ending. A story about an Oprah-like middle-aged woman who buys and renovates a town for foster families, it showcases Jenkins’ expertise in writing about history in a way that’s not boring or trite and also her passion for telling love stories. 

As a writer, I admire her ability to write in the omnipresent voice, which allowed the reader to delve into the psyche of the book’s characters, rather than read from a one-sided view. I can’t recall reading many books from this perspective, other than Love, written by Toni Morrison. I imagine that writing from this perspective would require the author to really develop and be familiar with the characters—their likes and dislikes, the way they think, the way they speak—which is a difficult but worthy task. This viewpoint was essential to the telling of this particular story. Jenkins’ made it clear that she wanted the reader to walk away with an idea about the benefits of being a foster parent and one’s ability to be a change agent in someone else’s life. I look forward to reading the sequel, A Second Helping.

But for now, I’m trudging through Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah and trying not to clench my teeth at the disappointment I feel. Details to come soon enough.

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