Friday, July 8, 2011

Race and Writing – Finish the Story

A girl in Missouri asked someone to call me, the black girl, then immediately gasped and apologized when she realized that I heard her request. I responded, “Sorry for what? I’m the only black girl here. If you wanted someone to call to me and you didn’t know my name, how else could you easily get to me?” She laughed and said, “You’re right.” She laughed again. Believe me, few people in Jamaica would have a problem distinguishing you from others through the use of your race-related features, e.g., chiney eyes or long black coolie hair girl.” I was not in the all-embracing Jamaican culture anymore. I'm in the global world and am constantly working on being more sensitive to race relations. This was especially important to me when living in Washington DC. 

To be honest though, I didn’t care enough to even take a second glance at the Racialicious blog or Chicago Tribune’s Race page until today when my friend, Janelle, submitted the first story started for my upcoming monthly Finish the Story Series. She submitted a story for my blog that is all about race. Instantly panic-stricken, I asked if she thought that would alienate people from my blog. Soonafter, however, positive ideas flooded my mind. It would be extremely interesting to hear how people, both black and white, would build on the story. Will I be able to tell who is black from who’s white? I can hardly wait for you to finish the story!

Finish the Story is a new series that will begin on this Book Blogette blog this weekend. All blog readers are invited to first read the paragraph then add a single sentence to the story. After a number of sentences have been added, I will do a rough edit and create a quick layout design for the story. Come back soon to see what the story is all about. Check back soon for more details. 



  1. Very interesting! can't wait to see what's next

  2. Like that idea. I shall become a participant.