Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Nobody buys print... anymore."

"Nobody buys print... anymore."

My friend's statement felt like a soft but quick blow to the chest. For a second, I was confused, then I felt stupid for being so shocked since I'm well aware of the advancements in publishing. He continued saying, "Everybody has a notebook or iPad now." OK, now I know he's wrong. Uhm, right?

In Jamaica, like many other developing countries, many people do not own e-readers or even personal laptops. Many homes may have a single desktop computer for the use of everyone in the home but not everyone has a mobile device on which to read their magazines.

I will admit that I love my magazines. The paper between my finger makes the reading experience complete for me. It's much like being fed with an IV as opposed to eating my tasty meal. I get the nutrients needed either way but I'd rather take a bit.

What are your thoughts? If you were about to write or publish a magazine, would you make it print only or digital only? Do you still read print mags?

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