Monday, November 28, 2011

No Stone Unturned by Rosemarie Stone

If you hate turbulence and sitting in a plane as much as I do, you probably like the distraction of a good book to pass the flying time too. For my most recent business trip to Trinidad, I opted for No Stone Unturned: The Carl & Rosie Story by Rosemarie Stone and found it to be no less a guilty pleasure than the Essence and Ebony magazines I read on a previous trip.  

The Caribbean, like many other regions, still struggles with the rising rates of HIV infection. The true story of Carl and Rose vividly reveals one person's struggle with the illness and another's death. The book covers the subject matter gently but thoroughly, talking about not just health, but the stigma that caused a quiet retreat from Jamaican society. In summary, the love story is one of sickness and death, courage and strength as well as community and family.

Don't be deterred by the use of Jamaican dialect in the Table of Contents. The book is an easy read and is comprehensible by anyone who speaks the English language. You must hear this type of story from the voice of someone with HIV and Rosemarie Stone tells the emotional story well. She gives the all-revealing, honest account from the inside looking out, not the outside looking in - a perspective many can say they have concerning HIV infection but would never dare share. A Gleaner interview with Mrs Stone reveals a lot about her writing approach.

No Stone Unturned: The Carl & Rosie Story is available on Kindle and in print. Search online for your copy and explore a new world.


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  1. oh, I must read this one. On my list it goes. Thanks for the review.