Monday, December 12, 2011

If Love's So Nice… Why Does It Hurt by Jennifer Mamby Alexander M.D.

On March 24, 2011, The Book Industry Association of Jamaica named If Love’s So Nice… Why Does It Hurt by Jennifer Mamby Alexander M.D. as the winner of the Best Adult Non-fiction book of 2011. This was actually the Reader's Choice Award for the category. I'm have shared in a few too many heartbreak chats with my girlfriends so my interest peaked.

Clearly written for women, the book isn't a failure. I would have, however, found it much more interesting when I was 20 years old... or maybe even 25. The point is, grown women will should already know everything in this book. Nevertheless, the book is mildly amusing and a very, VERY easy read.

I'm still contemplating whether this book was worth my money and it has taken me weeks to finish this review because I want be as fair as possible to the author and represent the thoughts that any reader could have. Although fairly amusing, I think most of us have already decided how to classify men though a reminder can't hurt.

If I could back in time, I would read the book again. After all, I finished it in one sitting while at the hairdresser. (Hint hint – A good hair salon book). However, jaded by my experience as a publisher, I would highly recommend changing the paper quality and selling the book at a lower cost.

Worth noting is the chapter related to cancer and how it can affect a relationship. This sudden shift in topics was somewhat jolting and confusing. Still, knowing that the author previously wrote and published A Practical Guide to Coping With Cancer, I began to understand why she felt so strongly about adding this section to the book. This chapter was perhaps the most revealing and solid of them all and I would read her book on that topic.    

If Love so Nice...  is a nice little read for a little too much money but I will be keeping this one for my future teenage daughter to read.

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